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Autor Sanel Babic   
Četvrtak, 05 Travanj 2007 16:49
that the RS was established by force, through the use of genocide and ethnical cleansing, between 1992 and 1995. Additionally the preceding 15 years show the persistence of genocide and ethnical cleansing;

Pointing out
the lack of political will for justice and democracy, and the danger of continued conflict, where by the citizens of Vlasenica will have it tougher and tougher;

that the only way out of the crisis can only be found by establishing a consensus about basic social values through a new political community, acceptable to the people living in it.

Council of Vlasenica citizens in Diaspora, as the largest unity of organizations of Vlasenica, as well as individuals in Diaspora, at their meeting on March 26th 2007 passes and publicly announces a document:


In the name of all citizens of Vlasenica in Diaspora, through this document we declare the following;

In conjunction with
the International Crimes Court in Haag on 26th of February 2007, demanded is the return of all which was established through ethnical cleansing in the County of Vlasenica to its state prior to 1992 including the;
- Separation of Vlasenica County from the Serbian Republic
- Unification of Vlasenica County and the County of Milići, which were previously illegally separated
- Restoration of the names of state establishments in Vlasenica, which forcefully vanished in 1992.
- Re-establishment of the city street names in Vlasenica to those valid before 1992.

In conjunction with
the International Crimes Court in Haag on 26th of February 2007 demanded is the following:
- Indictment, incarceration, and initialization of criminal lawsuits against War Crime criminals in Vlasenica including but not limited to: Bastah Predrag “Dragan” - called “Car”, Višković Goran - called “Vjetar”,
Tešić Savo - called “Gajan” and others on the attached list.

In conjunction with
The declaration of the citizen of Vlasenica from Diaspora demanded is following public acceptance:
- The existence of the Concentration Camp “Sušica”
- Ethnical cleansing was executed in Vlasenica
- The Army of RS was responsible in the destruction of the “Hajrija Džamija” mosque on August 19th 1992.
- The detainees of the Concentration Camp “Sušica” came from cities like Brčko, Bratunac, Zvornik, and Divič, as well as from other concentration camps like Manjača.

In conjunction with
The declaration of the citizen of Vlasenica from Diaspora demanded is the following:
- Reimbursement for the detainees from Concentration Camp “Sušica” from the year 1992 till 1995.
- Protection, maintenance of Camp “Sušica” as a museum for educational, historical, and legal purposes
- Justified presentation of Bosniaks in the County of Vlasenica
- The increase in the search and recovery rate of mass graves in the County of Vlasenica region
- Financial and economic assistance to the returnees of the County of Vlasenica
- Improvement of economical status in Vlasenica for all of its citizens
- Reimbursement for families that lost their loved ones because of ethnical cleansing
- Return and acknowledgement of Muslim property in the County of Vlasenica
- In the case that the war criminals do not stand before a court, resignation of the county mayor is demanded

Declaration accepted by the citizens of Vlasenica from countries: BiH, U.S.A., Australia, Austria, Italy, Canada, France, Croatia, Luxemburg, Germany, Norway, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Great Britain

Author: Citizens of Vlasenica